Learn what your API
is really doing

dydx provides automated observability and monitoring for your API.

Let dydx discover any unknowns in your system
while you focus on building excellent software.

Not having full visibility into your API is frustrating.

We understand that.
dydx is simple to use and set up,
so you can change that in under 2 minutes.
2 minutes to setup
It takes less than 2 minutes to setup dydx and gain observability and monitoring for your API.

No software to install and manage.
Seamless Realtime Observability and Monitoring
dydx observes and monitors your API in realtime.

Intelligently alerting you only on issues that negatively impact your users.
What our customers are saying:
It took us a total of 5 min to go from signup to having monitoring deployed in production.

The data science team moves quickly to iterate on the future of the smart home and usually that means we need a lot of observability into what is happening in our APIs.

Having dydx learn and detect anomalies for us helps us move fast and get notified instantly when things break.
At Tize Music we had monitoring, but we were missing the observability part for our stack.

dydx gives us deeper insights into our api traffic, and we are able to identify and resolve API problems for our customers faster.

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dydx guarantee

We care about your API. We guarantee that we:

1) Don't store your API payload data.

2) Provide 99.99% uptime.
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Making your API observable with dydx is easy and takes less than 2 minutes on any platform and client.

No software to install and manage.
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